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Colleges don't prepare you for the dreams that you have for yourself.

Career strategist, author, and consultant, Dr. Emmanuela, wrote this ebook to help women of color graduate students find their way in the midst of invisibility in the ivory tower. If you’re feeling alone in your career journey, don’t worry. This ebook is for you. The tips and strategies that I share will put you back firmly in the driver’s seat of your career path.

Who is the ebook for?

  • This ebook is for you if you want to be in the driver’s seat of your job search.
  • This ebook is for you if you feel like your graduate program hasn’t prepared you for a career outside of academia.
  • This ebook is for you if want to be strategic about your future.
  • This ebook is for you if you want to be intentional about cultivating success that aligns with your values and purpose.
  • This ebook is for you if you’ve felt out of control of your career path.

What readers are saying

Wow! This book really captured what it was like for me as a first gen, student of color to go through the job search process in the midst of finishing up my doctoral studies. Programs really don’t prepare you for this part of the journey & I wish more people spoke about it. Thankfully this book does give us insight into this. This is an amazing resource!

Dra. Mayra Gaona

Becoming a Doctora

A must read for first semester grad students as a resource throughout their academic career. Not only does Dr. Stanislaus provide helpful tips, the advice is practical particularly for first generation graduate students.

Dr. Lynell S. Hodge

Dr. Stanislaus clearly and succinctly outlined how grad students can take charge of their career development! This e-book combines information about the job search that may be missing from many graduate curricula with exercises to promote self-reflection. A unique and important resource by a woman of color for other women of color - ¡si se puede!


Grad Life Grind

About the Author

Dr. Emmanuela Stanislaus has over 15 years of higher education administration experience. Emmanuela’s a multi-passionate professional as a diversity researcher and consultant, coach, scholar, podcast host, and entrepreneur.

Emmanuela finds joy in helping others which is one of the driving forces behind Dr. Emmanuela Consulting. Her experience in higher education has led her to lead university career services offices. She has worked intimately with recruiters from fortune 100 companies to help them strategize to recruit qualified and diverse talent. She has also worked with college students to help them develop coveted skills that are sought by employers.

Connect with her on Instagram @DrEmmanuela.

Gradient Gradient Shapes 09

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